Dwarfcraft Devices – ARF

Dwarfcraft Devices are one of my personal favourite manufacturers around at the moment. Not only do they make some pretty great standard effects boxes, they also routinely foray into other areas of electronic goodness, throwing some oscillating madness into their pedal designs, and even putting out their own unique Eurorack modules. This approach ticks all the right boxes as far as I’m concerned.

In this instalment, we’ll be looking at the ARF (courtesy of our pals at FuzzMonster.dk), which stands for the rather surprisingly straightforward ‘Attack. Release. Filter’. This particular pedal is anything but straightforward though, blurring the line between pedal and electronic instrument almost beyond the point of recognition, which is really rather exciting.

The Looks

Let’s be honest… it’s hard not to be intrigued by a pedal that is emblazoned with a half wolf, half sexy lady design. The artwork alone made me want to get my hands on an ARF to test out from when I first saw it… and the bright pink finish just sealed the deal. As an additional nicety, the clear knobs that Dwarfcraft have used are really nice looking. Good job.

Dwarfcraft ARF Pedal

The Sounds

The ARF is an interesting beast, and is one of those pedals that will be used completely differently with synths than it will be with guitar or bass. With the latter, you can get some cool wah-style sounds through the use of the momentary foot-switch, but the CV connectivity really lets the ARF come to life – especially with modular or semi-modular systems. If there was ever a perfect pedal to justify this site’s existence, then this would be it. Naturally, we had to give it a bash with some Eurorack. Check out the video below.

One thing that could potentially be awesome, but that we weren’t able to try out, would be to use the ARF’s CV connectors to link up with other pedals to modulate their sound. Note to pedal builders: we love CV control!

The Tech Specs

  • Audio Input and Output TRS jack sockets.
  • Three minijack sockets which allow for trigger input, envelope out, and CV control over the frequency parameter.
  • Powered in the usual way.

Geez it!

This pedal is awesome if you take it purely as an effects processor triggered by a footswitch. It really comes into its own when hooked up in a modular environment though. Breaking out of the Eurorack case brings with it a change in approach that can really add life into your music, especially performance wise.

Get yours from our pals at FuzzMonster.dk.


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