Lastgasp Art Laboratories – Cyber Psychic Oscillo Filter

For this instalment, we’re taking a look at the Cyber Psychic Parametric Oscillo Filter from Lastgasp Art Labratories.


The Cyber Psychic is special beast, as it makes use of an internal oscillation system. I’m not going to pretend to fully understand the technical explanation of how the process itself works, but here it is for those of you that will:

The parametric filter is a filter effect that changes the tone by passing only the signal of specific frequency bands, thus cutting the signal of other frequency bands.

In other words, it takes the input signal and mixes it with its own oscillation. Pretty clever.

The Looks

The Cyber Psychic is a very clean, and almost utilitarian looking device. It feels like you can trust it to do what it’s meant to… like it knows what it’s doing. Its a design that inspires confidence, and that’s a good thing. It could well be partly because of the dystopian military connotations, or it could just be because I once had a car in this ‘British Racing Green’ colour that was fairly reliable. Either way, it’s got a style of its own.




The Sounds

Much like an army general that exudes a quiet confidence on the outside, but who is just waiting for the moment to blow some shit up the minute they get a chance, this pedal seems pretty unassuming at first glance, but in reality it is anything but a clean and predictable effect. You are either going to have an extremely soft and gentle filter, or an all out chaotic, squealing

Have a look at what it can do in the below video:

The Features

With seven parameter knobs, audio IN and OUT jacks, and one for CV control, this thing packs a fair punch in a relatively small package.

Here’s what the knobs control:

Level – Output level.
Preamp – Input level.
Gain – Self explanatory.
OSC1 – Pulse oscillation sound.
OSC2 – Oscillation sound.
– Filter resonance.
Freq – Filter frequency.


Thanks to our pals at FuzzMonster for letting us check this one out. If you want your own, they have them in stock at If you need more details, you can find them on the Cyber Psychic over on the Lastgasp site.

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