Critter & Guitari – ETC Video Synth

Critter & Guitari are the geniuses behind the idiosyncratic devices such as the Organelle and Bolsa Bass synthesizers, the Kaleidoloop sampler, and the Rhythm Scope video synth.


Recently we dropped into their colourful Brooklyn studio to check out their latest offering: the ‘ETC’ video synth.




Playing live can be a tricky business, and more and more artists are looking for interesting ways to spice up their performances. Critter & Guitari have led the way in creating interesting devices to help with this in their Rhythm and Video Scopes, but the ETC takes this to a whole new level. Gone is the composite video output, and instead we have HDMI, customisable visuals (using Python), and full MIDI control over the parameters.


There are already lots of cool videos out there demonstrating the kind of visuals you can get from the ETC, but the real magic of this delightful box comes when you take control of the thing over MIDI.

Check out our video below that has a look at the MIDI control specifically:

The ability to control the visuals over MIDI is a huge boon for electronic musicians, as it means you can now time what people are seeing perfectly to what they are hearing. The possibilities for live performance suddenly expand beyond just a ‘set it and play’ sort of deal.

The Features

  • MIDI input.
  • Mono audio input.
  • HDMI output.
  • Footswitch input.
  • 2x USB ports.

One of the USB ports is used for an included pen drive that stores all of the modes and settings for the ETC. The other can be used with a WIFI dongle to remotely control/program the ETC over a local network, which is pretty cool indeed.

Uhm, I want one.

You should.

We applaud Critter & Guitari for their commitment to video synths, and for providing artists with a sorely needed, easily accessible, syncable outlet for visual creativity at live shows. It’s time to get creative.

You can find the ETC at various stockists, including:

Signal Sounds (UK)

Critter & Guitari (US)

Fuzz Monster (Denmark)

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