Endorphin.es Autopilot Eurorack Tuner Module

Endorphin.es are one of the most interesting manufacturers in Eurorack land, known for their bright yellow (gold?) faceplates, and powerful modules. In this post, I take a look at one of their more recent offerings – the Autopilot.

endorphin.es Autopilot tuner

The Autopilot is a 4hp, extra skinny tuner module, which fits nicely into shallow skiffs. It contains two separate tuners which can either be operated manually (by handy indicator lights), or automatically. The auto tune function takes a reference wave from your VCO, and a reference note input from either a CV keyboard or step sequencer that you want to act as the ‘base note’. The Autopilot then tunes your VCO to the nearest A note – making sure all the connected VCOs are beautifully in tune.

This module is a god-send for those of you that find having to tune your oscillators every time you fire up a different patch to be a pain in the ass. With the Autopilot, you can leave them patched up, click a single button, and shortcut that whole process. The one caveat is that the tuner needs to stay in the chain – so you will need enough for the number of VCOs you want to auto-tune.

For more info, check out the video below. You can pick up an Autopilot for about £99 at the moment, and there’s even a black faceplate for those of you that are weirdly opposed to the yellow. We recommend buying from our pals SignalSounds (UK).

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