Endorphin.es Autopilot Eurorack Tuner Module

Endorphin.es are one of the most interesting manufacturers in Eurorack land, known for their bright yellow (gold?) faceplates, and powerful modules. In this post, I take a look at one of their more recent offerings – the Autopilot. The Autopilot is a 4hp, extra skinny tuner module, which fits nicely into shallow skiffs. It contains… Continue reading Endorphin.es Autopilot Eurorack Tuner Module

Red Panda Lab – Raster Delay

Red Panda are one of the fierce but cuddly stars of the boutique guitar pedal world. Based in the artistic mecca of Detroit, Michigan, they made some of the coolest effects pedals around – ‘for the experimentally minded’. If you follow us on Instagram, or have checked out the previous demo vids, you’ll have seen… Continue reading Red Panda Lab – Raster Delay

Paradox Effects – Oniric Delay

Our pals over at fuzzmonster.dk sent us this Paradox Effects ‘Oniric’ delay to try out, and I’ve been twiddling away at it for the past week or so to see just what this wee box of joy can do. Paradox are a boutique pedal maker from all the way over in Mexico, and a group that I… Continue reading Paradox Effects – Oniric Delay

MWFX – Judder

MWFX is a niche effects pedal brand from the South-West of England, with beautiful devices designed and hand-built since 2008 by one Matt Warren. Their range includes a host of impressive noise boxes, such as the erratic ‘Glitch’ pedal, and a feature packed Tremolo with clock input/CV output. Perhaps their most (in)famous though, is the ominously… Continue reading MWFX – Judder