Endorphin.es Autopilot Eurorack Tuner Module

Endorphin.es are one of the most interesting manufacturers in Eurorack land, known for their bright yellow (gold?) faceplates, and powerful modules. In this post, I take a look at one of their more recent offerings – the Autopilot. The Autopilot is a 4hp, extra skinny tuner module, which fits nicely into shallow skiffs. It contains… Continue reading Endorphin.es Autopilot Eurorack Tuner Module

Twisted Electrons – Octopus (Eurorack Module)

For this post, we turn our attention over to Twisted Electrons, purveyors of fine noise devices such as the wonderful TherapSID synth, which makes use of the coveted Commodore 64 chip. Every time they release something new, my bank manager wakes up in a sweat. We’re going foray into the Eurorack world and take a look… Continue reading Twisted Electrons – Octopus (Eurorack Module)